In front of one of Myoga beds.  Myoga beds are made with mix of mulch, cinder, compost, homemade chicken manure, vermi compost. Our Myoga plants are not tall but produce bigger size of buds.  We collect falling leaves for covering to make Myoga buds white and red.  Too much Sun exposure make buds dark green.

 Inside Chicken playground.  We have about 30 laying hens ... Road Island Red, Red Star and Australope,  They are outside coop in the daytime and go back to their own coop at night.  We feed them grains, seeds, grass, scrap vegetable and fruits, worm, kitchen scraps.  They are happy chickens!


My name is Tomoko Oshita.  I started having interest in cycle system farming for sustainability since 2007.  I had 4-7 chickens in our small backyard in Kaimuki house and made about 40 foam box garden.  Low Cost No Cost garden was my motto.  I collected fallen avocado leaves, shred them, mix with chicken manure/vermi compost and used it as soil mix for box garden.  Eventually, these became black gold soil. Fallen leaves and grass are my best friend.  Still, I believe anybody in town - even in condominium apartment - can grow vegetables at very low cost if you don't mind with little bit of hard work. Freshly harvested garden vegetable are PRICELESS.  

Some Boxes

Chives in half of 55 gal. bucket 

Ginger in Box

Pack Choi for Salad