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Tomo Farm
In Mountain View, we are located at 1600 feet elevation with average temperatures ranging from 55 to 75  degrees all year long — can say all year Spring?  We are also blessed with abundant rainfall.  In addition, our volcanic ground and cinder mixed soil provide us with excellent drainage and rich nutrition for  our growing beds.  No chemical matters and pesticides used.
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Myoga Ginger 〈ミョウガ)

Season: June - September

We are constantly increasing growing beds since Myoga is very popular. 

Satoimo - Yatsugashira(里芋ー八つ頭)

Rakkyo (shallots) (ラッキョウ)

Season: May - June

Free Range Farm Egg (卵)

In addition to high quality chicken feed, we feed them confrey, chives, wild guava, grass and available vegetable.   


Warabi (Pohole, Fiddlehead Fern)(わらび)


Chayote Squash(はやと瓜)

Seasson:  October - April


We harvest young shoot from Udo tree.

Season: July through November



Super Food "Tomorrow's Leaf" origin from Hachijo Island Japan


Myoga Roots for Growing 〈ミョウガ根茎)

Available after October - December.

<Other Produce>

Sudachi and Yuzu citrus(スダチ、ゆず)



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