Season June through September
Myoga leaves look similar to ginger.  Here in Mountain View, plant doesn't grow high but buds grows big instead.  Taste is fresh and cruncy.

Myoga buds emerge from ground and must be pick before flower comes out.  Timing is very important.  Once flower comes out, buds become soft.  Buds with flower is also edible. 

Myoga Ginger Buds

<How To Use>

RAW:  Slice for sashimi, salad, cold tofu topping.  Mix with Ahi Poke.

PICKLE: Sweet vinegar / Shoyu / Miso / Nuka. 

SOUP:  For miso soup.  Sprinkle just before serving.

STIR FRY: Roll with thin pork.  Pasta cooking.

DEEP FRY: Tempra is delicious. Either itself or Kakiage style with other vegetable.

SALAD DRESSING:  Mix with your favorite salad dressing. Shoyu base will be perfect.

 Myoga Take (Young Shoot)  Spring only

Myoga-Take is available only in Spring.  Take is young shoot picked only thinning crouded area.  Therefore, available amount is limited.

Shoots are used as the same as buds. 

B Grade Myoga Buds

Buds with flower (left), dark green, smaller size. They are still flavorful and perfect for pickles.

Please ask for the availability and price.
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